Welcome to the Village of North Pekin website!

The Village of North Pekin has taken a step forward through the creation of a presence on the
Internet.  The purpose of this site will be to provide residents and the world information on our
community.  Frequent visitors will notice incremental changes and additions to the site as time goes
on.  A majority of the information will be fairly static, however it will also be our intent to provide
information to residents in a relatively timely manner.    Thank you for visiting and please check back
often for updates.
Village of North Pekin
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The link to the Village Ordinances are
now on the website. The link connects
to Sterling Codifiers server.

Click Departments
Click Records and Finance
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"Village of North Pekin Code Book".
The Village of North Pekin has implemented a "Memorial Park Donation
Program".  This program provides the opportunity for you to be a vital part
of improving any of the three North Pekin Parks.  A donation to the children
of our community is a terrific way to remember a loved one, commemorate a
special date in your life, or advertise your organization.

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The following links are important information that
every resident should be made aware.  The Burning
and Outdoor Fire Ordinance's state the rules for
burning in the Village, while the House Numbering
Ordinance is a requirement for all address's.  Both
are important for the safety of every resident.  Click
on the links below for requirement's.  
The Village of North Pekin, Illinois
has determined that the practice
of giving a warning for certain
violations prior to the issuance of
a citation is not in the best
interest of the public and the
citizens of the Village of North
Pekin, Illinois.  Therefore, the
Village of North Pekin, Illinois
shall not issue a warning prior to
the issuance of a citation for
violations of the Ordinances of
the Village of North Pekin, Illinois.
Any solicitation from Fire Safety
Magnets out of the Quad Cities is not
sanctioned by the North Pekin Fire

September Committee Meetings
have been moved to Wednesday,
the 9th at 6:00pm.
Planning and Zoning
September Meeting has
been moved to Tuesday
the 1st.
The Village will be flushing
hydrants in August.